Events for Teens

Half-Day sessions (3 hours) upon request for teen girls Grade 7-9 and Grade 10-12.

Ideal for existing teams and groups (i.e. choirs, drama groups, sports teams, Girl Guides, teens at risk) to add confidence, clarity, body awareness, relaxation, and self-esteem.

Wondering if it is right for your teen group?

Contact me for a no-pressure discussion.

“I have reconnected with my creative voice. Before I began this work, I was avoiding my creativity after some disappointing experiences in my life. Through the AFP practices, Fran helped me realize I needed to give voice to my creativity again, no matter what the format or the final output. She helped to reignite a part of myself that had been dead for a while, and made me realize that my creative expression was magical in and of itself.”

Anne Marie Nakagawa

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