Many women have experienced profound change in their lives
because of their work with Fran and The Art of Feminine Presence®.

Here’s a sampling of their thoughts ….

“I feel more confident in my own body and being. I trust my feelings more and feel more in control of my emotions.”

Sherry Hyde

“I have reconnected with my creative voice. Before I began this work, I was avoiding my creativity after some disappointing experiences in my life. Through the AFP practices, Fran helped me realize I needed to give voice to my creativity again, no matter what the format or the final output. She helped to reignite a part of myself that had been dead for a while, and made me realize that my creative expression was magical in and of itself.”

Anne Marie Nakagawa

“My connection with the people in my life has dramatically improved.  I am more at ease with my mother, I have more empathy with others and I feel more at ease in a room full of people.”
Helen Klein

“I have gained a greater awareness of my capabilities and how I can use them to make a difference in my part of the world – family, friendships, work and just life.  I have learned to allow myself more grace and in turn extend that same grace to those around me.”
Noella Wanotch

“Since starting my work with Fran and AFP, my biggest change has been in my self-awareness. I’ve been armed with tools to better present myself, better ways to communicate and to protect myself when I’m in challenging situations.”
Jennifer D’Amico

What they love about the AFP group experience …

“I love the sisterhood of the groups and knowing that we are working towards similar goals and dealing with similar problems. Every week we learn and progress together. Fran takes a loving approach to the group, without judgement and guides the class with structure and understanding.”
Sherry Hyde

“I was feeling low and disconnected from myself.  I left each meeting feeling uplifted and positive and very grateful for what I’d experienced in our class.  It was reassuring to be with wonderful women and I looked forward to seeing them, and our teacher, Fran, each week.”
Noella Wanotch

“I know I will leave every session with my reservoir full of joy. The support that you get from spending time on yourself, taking care of yourself, while receiving the support of Fran and the women in the circle is priceless.”
Jennifer D’Amico

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