About Fran

I am a silver-haired woman in my early 50s, a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, neighbour, community volunteer, entrepreneur, spiritual seeker, and for the past five years, a passionate teacher of The Art of Feminine Presence.

When I first heard of AFP in 2013, despite having finally realized my dreams of having a good man (after 20 years of romantic misadventure), and a great kid at 43 (after years of maternal yearning), I was a bit of a mess.

My son was 5 years old, and his ADHD and learning disabilities were becoming apparent. We had a painful breakdown with cherished neighbours, and I was struggling with low-grade depression.

My 18-year stellar career as a publicist in the film and television business was complete, and I was selling clothing through a direct sales company. I enjoyed that immensely, but I was so, so, so busy juggling a thousand responsibilities and not keeping up with any of it. I was exhausted, burnt out, and unclear how to make changes despite knowing a lot about how to make changes.

On the spiritual path for more than 25 years, I had read every book (we call this shelf help!), taken every workshop, and spent thousands of dollars on therapy, and various programs on deep healing and deep spirituality.

I have been in sweat lodges, done vision quests, worked with Shamans, swum with dolphins, approached enlightenment for a few seconds, rebirthed, meditated and prayed. I loved it all – each one had tremendous value and many things shifted over the years, but once again, I was feeling stuck and I didn’t have a lot of time or money to spend on getting unstuck.

Enter the Art of Feminine Presence, and its elegant simplicity, its depth, the realization of my own need to be seen and heard, to express myself, to offer my own gifts in the service of others, to truly make a valuable difference.

With AFP, many things have changed: there is much more flow and pleasure in my world. A deeper connection with my husband has emerged and continues to grow and change as we do – we have a lifetime of exploration ahead of us.

My son has some pretty big challenges to face in the years ahead, but we are well supported in this adventure. One day at a time.

Depression, I have learned is about lack of expression – and sometimes it is more related to my hormonal state – but I never feel stuck for long.

I have a beautiful community of women in my world with whom I can be seen and heard, whatever is going on in my world – and since I am alive, there is always something going on.

There is a big toolbox at my disposal. I use it.  And I share it with others through AFP.

Join me, won’t you?

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