Introduction to The Art of Feminine Presence

Key Terms used in Art of Feminine Presence practices

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The Art of Feminine Presence(AFP) –– is a program that supports women in being seen and heard in their personal and professional relationships, deepening passion and creativity, increasing their sensuality, and making a positive impact wherever they go.

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Video Transcript:
So there are a couple of key terms that I need you to know if you’re going to play around with The Art of Feminine Presence in any way, two terms. First is getting home, getting back into your power center. That’s one.

And the second one is the light globe, the space around your body. But the first one, getting home is the most powerful thing you can do to make a difference in any conversation you have.

Most of us are walking around and our head is in the game from here up, or we might have our heart in the game from here up, but we’re actually disconnected from where the power source is, which is down here in your belly, three inches below your navel and a little bit towards your spine. It’s a very important space in the world of martial arts called the Dantian or the Hara. And it is the place where you get the energy, you’re grounded, and you can just light up so easily if you know to put your attention there before you open your mouth.

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